stuck in a rut

For some silly reason I’m stuck at the office at 10:30 on a Friday night. I’m dreading the walk home in the cold (altho proud of myself for walking to work every day this week!).  So I’m going to stall a little longer by trying the same meme Wendy Knits blogged about on Feb. 1.

Your Name – Jan
Four letter word – Jump
Boy name – Jan
Girl name – Jan oh all right Jennifer
Occupation – jumpy writing teacher?
Color – jade
Beverage – Juice
Something found in a bathroom – jewelry if I forgot to put it away?
A Place – Juno (also a girl’s name, apparently)
Reason for being late – junky house had to be cleaned
Food – jam (no, not jello)
Something you shout – Jump! (telling her Royal Highness Princess Diva Toy Poodle to get herself on the bed instead of barking at me after she’s been downstairs for midnight snack)

Why am I so obsessed with jumping?  I’m getting sillier. Must go home. Hey, just checked the weather–30 degrees F. Positively sweltering!

BTW something goofy’s going on with the time wordpress says I’m doing this. It is 11:01pm EST not 4:01am. And it’s still Friday, Feb. 6, at least for 59 minutes.

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